This Workplace Is ‘Purr-fect’ For Cat Lovers


If you love cats, you'll probably think that this office in Japan is the purr-fect place to work. The Tokyo-based Ferray Corporation decided to adopt nine rescue cats in a bid to reduce stress levels and increase morale among its employees. And, it worked! The company has seen its employees become much less stressed at work, and communication has improved greatly, as all the office's workers now have a common interest, their cats! Let's have a look at these little cuties!





The Ferray Corporation also encourages employees to bring their own pets to work (though we're not sure if dogs are welcome) and offers a 5,000 yen (about $40) per month bonus for any employee who adopts a kitty of their own from a rescue shelter. 





The plan hasn't been without its hiccups, though. Since these adorable kitties get free reign of the whole office during working hours, they have got up to plenty of mischief; tearing up documents and chewing through LAN cables are just a couple of their crimes. However, the benefits of having the cats in the office outweigh any problems they might cause. Besides, who could stay mad with these furry little faces?





Since the cats arrived in the office, one of the primary qualifications for getting a job at Ferray Corporation is a love of cats!




We think that all offices should have animals in them. It would make the workday so much more enjoyable, and it provides a place to live for animals in need of homes. What do you think of having office cats? Would you love to work in a kitty-filled office, or would this be your nightmare?

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