What Looks Like A Giant Boulder At First Is Actually Something Much More


If you're wandering the Swiss Alps, you wouldn't be surprised seeing a boulder near your path. However, this particular boulder hides an awesome secret. From afar, it looks like a completely normal boulder. Even close up you could be forgiven for not noticing that there was something odd about it. Let's take a look and see if you can guess what's up with this particular rock.


Bureau A


Looks like a boulder to us!

Bureau A


But, what's that? A door?!

Bureau A


That's right, this boulder is actually a simple cabin, which was put there by a studio known as Bureau A. They have dubbed the cabin Antoine and say it's free to use for anyone who can find it and are willing to take a risk.

Bureau A


Here's what Bureau A have to say about the place:

''Antoine is a tribute to the alpine experience and to the writer. The small wooden cabin, big enough for the life of one man, is hidden inside a projected concrete rock. Referring to the long lasting Swiss tradition of hidden bunkers, the project integrates the highly urbanised landscape of the Alps… Antoine creates an alpine shelter… where one can freely enter and hide. It contains the very basic architectural elements – fire place, bed, table, stool, window – but demands to the visitor some risk taking as the rock hangs literally on the rock fall field.''


Bureau A


It might not sound like the ideal vacation destination, but it's honestly more of a piece of installation art than it is a home or hotel.

Bureau A


If you're interested in how the cabin was created, this is the inner part, before the faux boulder element was added. Pretty cool!

Bureau A



Take a look at this short video to see how Antoine was put in place.



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