Cat Gets Smuggled Into Class After Refusing To Be Left Alone

I think all pet owners can relate to that moment when your pet begs you to stay when you’re about to go to school or work. It’s always such a heartbreaking moment! And most of the time, we end up spending the rest of our day wondering (er, worrying) about them. If only we could take our beloved pet with us to work or school, right? Well, one Chinese student did. Miss Wen snuck her Munchkin cat Ba Dun into her classroom and hid him under her desk.

In the good old days, schools actually allowed every class to have a “class pet”, like a guinea pig or hamster, that the students would take turns caring for. Unfortunately, this set-up was disputed and eventually became a thing of the past. And in some countries, the concept of having a “class pet” is unheard of. So it’s safe to say that Miss Wen was especially brave in sneaking her one year-old kitty to class!

Ba Dun lays underneath his owner's table
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Ms Wen took her cat with her to class
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This Chinese student secretly brought her cat along to school after it begged her to stay when she was about to leave

While the “how” of Miss Wen’s sneaky mission wasn’t documented, a short video of Ba Dun stealthily huddled under her desk was captured. And it went viral. In the short clip, Ba Dun, whose name loosely translates to “Eight Meals”, appears comfortable and content to be where his human is. And the best part about this whole scenario? Miss Wen’s teacher never realized that they had a feline guest that day. In fact, the lecturer only found out when the video became viral. When asked why she snuck her pet into class, Miss Wen said:

“Ba Dun kept cuddling up to my leg and looking really sad because he wanted me to stay with him. But I was running late for my class. I couldn’t bear letting him down so I brought him with me to the classroom.”

Ba Dun peeks from his hiding spot
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“He was being really good and didn’t make any sounds.”


Ba Dun quietly hides under his owner's desk
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“He could definitely eat eight meals everyday if I let him.”


Ba Dun the Cat peers out from under his owner's desk
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The people were seriously impressed with cat’s the successful secret attendance

This feat was impressive not only because of the fact that Miss Wen managed to sneak her pet into the classroom without being noticed. After all, the entire ‘operation’ would have failed if Ba Dun hadn’t behaved himself! Viewers commented that had it been their kitty in that situation, they certainly would have been discovered.

Ba Dun huddles under Ms Wen's desk during her class
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Watch the adorable clip

Other felines would have gotten anxious and inconsolable in unfamiliar environments… so why didn’t Ba Dun? Has he been to the classroom before, is this his way of being nervous, or is he really just that well-behaved? Online watchers certainly had a lot to say about him though!


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