20 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas You Will Love

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a traditional tree decorating your home, but who says that the tree has to be, well, a tree? Rather than going the traditional route and having a pine tree in your home, you could try out one of these incredibly creative ideas for an alternative Christmas tree. Many of them can be created with simple items you probably have lying around at home.

These ideas might not float everyone’s boat, but we think they’re excellent! Plus, it means you won’t have to vacuum up millions of pine needles. Result!

Old corks can make an excellent Christmas tree.

This simple design is extremely effective. 

These adorable mason jar Christmas trees are just precious.

You might need some help finishing off enough wine to create this cool Christmas tree.

This cute Christmas tree can be constructed from foraged branches.

You can make this Christmas tree from old scraps of ribbon.

This popsicle stick Christmas tree is basic but still looks great!

This cute Christmas tree is constructed from old buttons.

Another cork Christmas tree.

These Christmas trees made from sheet music are ideal for music-lovers.

This Christmas tree made from sticks has a gorgeous rustic charm.

This tasty Christmas tree is entirely edible.

This Christmas tree looks like a good place to take a nap!

This egg box Christmas tree is, quite frankly, genius.

This Christmas tree is fluffy and festive!feather-christmas-tree

This simple Christmas tree design looks amazing!

This is the perfect Christmas tree for those who love to read.

This cute Christmas tree is a great space-saver.

This Christmas tree is macaroni art at its finest.

You can serve this Christmas tree up to your guests.