The Most Cringeworthy Dad Jokes Ever

Out of everyone in the family, dad’s jokes are sure to make you groan the loudest. They seem to love a bad pun and sometimes their jokes are even worse than those silly gags you find in your Christmas cracker! Now thanks to the internet, people are able to post their cringe worthy dad jokes online for all to see. We’ve gathered up 14 of the best ,or worst, depending on your opinion! Check them out!

Don’t even say it!

Here’s an example of a woman employing a dad joke to maximum effect!

This is more like making a joke of dad, rather than a dad joke itself!

This one’s pretty cute, actually!

Typical dad joke.

This dad!

This one involves a dad… but it’s just so wrong.

Classic dad joke!

Here’s a great example of a dad being dumb!

A dad joke on signage!

Classic dad line!

We’ve all been there.

We can hear the cymbals crashing from here.

This dad had put some effort into this one.

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