People Who You’d Never Want As Your Roommates

Having a roommate can be difficult at the best of times. You have to learn to share a space with someone else and figure out how to live with their particular behavior and traits. But, that’s just when you’re living with a normal, reasonable person… sometimes you get a real nightmare of a roommate who really shouldn’t be living with anyone, ever! Check out these fourteen people who you’d never want as roommates! Be glad that you don’t have to live with them!

The roommate who won’t do any chores unless you ask them for weeks, and even then, they don’t do it right!

The roommate who you just can’t even explain.

The roommate with varied and disturbing interests!

The roommate who brings random people over without asking.

The roommate who leaves passive-aggressive notes, rather than just talking through issues with you!

The roommate who gets drunk and brings weird things home.

The roommate who pranks you any time you go out!

The roommate who’ll stop at nothing to avoid sharing!

The casually racist roommate. He’s a real jerk.

The roommate who you suspect is trying to break you psychologically, so that you’ll move out and they can steal your room with the en-suite.

The slob.

The roommate who, literally, can’t even work a basic appliance!

The roommate who has no sense of what is, and isn’t, appropriate in shared spaces.

The roommate who’s king of killing your game!

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