Fascinating Celebrity Gender Swaps That Will Blow You Away


Thanks to the invention of photo editing software such as Photoshop it really is easier than ever (depending on your skills) to create the most interesting manipulated images. Popular site ‘DesignCrowd’ who often provide briefs for its users to show off their editing skills decided to do a post on celebrity gender swaps, and it’s extremely interesting! Take a look below at the talented work of certain users and be prepared to be blown away! It’s strange how some of these creations could pass as real life people!
Website: DesignCrowd

Wo-Men In Black By ‘Spankylarue’

Antony Hopkins adopts the full dame by ‘Underworth’

Geraldine Depardieu By ‘PixJockey’


Lady Of The House By ‘Mcbane’


Dirty Harriet By ‘MALindsey’


O Sister, Where Art Thou? By ‘Silberto67’


Jared Aniston By ‘Camee’


The softer side of Wolverine By ‘Underworth’


Pretty Woman By ‘Underworth’


Donald finally lets his hair down By ‘Moukha’

J-Lo could handle herself back on the block By ‘The_Dude’


Keeping those legs toned is Mission Impossible! By ‘Bikejump’


Dolly Bean By ‘Underworth’


The name’s Betty, Betty Bond By ‘Bottomsup’


The un-usual suspects By ‘Sugarcane’


Poor Ron would get jealous By ‘Rrobos’


A right royal mix up By ‘ElsinCaspa’


Jessica Fletcher in a Playboy role By ‘DGartistry’


Keira has a few hairs out of place By ‘Underworth’


Pure Fiction By ‘Finkazoid’