This Looks Like A Normal House For Rent Until You See What’s Out Back… OMG!

It’s a perfectly nice 3 bedroom house, sitting in a prime location in town. That’s right, a prime location! Not next door to an airport runway, or a sewage works! The interior of the home looks well cared for and modern, the kitchen has been recently updated. So what’s wrong with this property? Why would a real estate agent have trouble selling it? Check out the below images of the property, in Oxford, England, to find out: 

Website: zoopla

Looks fine from here.



Nothing wrong with the living area.


The kitchen’s been recently updated.


And the master suite is nice and spacious.


So what’s the issue with this property? Oh, maybe it’s this 25-foot shark sticking out of the roof!


In case you’re wondering, the shark sculpture was placed here by the homeowner as a protest against ‘the nuclear age’ back in 1986. It was erected without planning permission on the 41st anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.  Local authorities tried to get rid of the shark, but following six years of public support and heated debate, it was decided by the Department of Environment that the shark could stay. Since then, the place has become rather famous. It’s now known as The Shark House of Headington, in Oxford, England. And it’s currently available to rent, for a mere £519 per week.