15 Organization Ideas Every Bathroom Needs


Making good use of space is always a great idea whether you have a large bathroom or a small one. Here are some great storage solutions or ideas that you can try in your home. They all have one thing in common which is that they are all very practical while also looking very stylish.


Make a pretty towel organizer with tin cans and floral fabric.

tin cans towel organizer


Make a shelf with an old drawer.

drawer into shelves


Make a tiered storage stand from a candle stick and plates.

candlestick plate storage


Wine racks also make great towel storage.

wine rack towels


When choosing a basin, why not choose one with under-sink storage drawers?

under sink storage


Utilize the inside of your cupboard more by adding extra storage inside the doors.

cabinet door storage


Mason jars make great storage for Q-tips, cotton balls and make-up sponges.

q tips cotton wool mason jars


Wicker baskets make stylish storage solutions.

wicker basket storage
etoya socialcafemag



Pull out storage is great for small bathrooms.

pull out shelf


Use the back of doors for towel rails.

towel rail back of door
marthastewart tmall


Use a ladder for multi-level shelving storage.

ladder storage


Use a magnetic strip for bobby pins.

magnet bobby pins


Utilize the space around your bathtub for storing products.

storage around bath


PVC pipes or a caddy are a great place to store hair styling tools.

pvc pipes and caddies for hair stylers
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Put stick-on storage containers on the back of your bathroom cabinet door.

cabinet stick on containers