14 Ridiculous Ideas That Will Make Your Day


There's no need to waste your money on some things you need when you could make the next best thing with some bits and pieces lying around the house! All you have to do is have a little creativity and you will have saved yourself money all the while probably looking ridiculous! Now they may not be the best ideas you've seen before but they'll certainly make you laugh! Check out our collection below of some tips and tricks you can try at home.



No cup holder? Use a roll of brown tape!


If you don't own a laptop then you could always do this!


DIY sprinkler! Just pierce holes into a bottle and attach it to your hose!


Instant light shades!


Beer cans make great shower heads!


Why waste money on a hat when you could just use a pizza box?!


No safety goggles? No worries! Just use two plastic cups and some tape!



A dog leash is also great for keeping control of your book!


A tape measure turns your device into a hands free one instantly.


Create your own pool in the back of your truck!




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