20 Amazing Bar And Restaurant Interiors That Will Give You Goose Bumps


For a restaurant or bar to become a success these days it's got to have the ''wow factor''. People will remember the interior of a place just as much as a good meal or drink and will often tell their friends and family about it, which creates free advertising for the businesses. This list of amazing restaurant and bar interiors really blow you away when you walk through the door.


H.R. Giger Museum Bar,Gruyères, Switzerland

giger museum bar


giger museum bar 1


giger museum bar 2


giger museum bar 3


giger museum bar 4
H.R. Giger


What Happens When Restaurant, New York, USA

what happens when restaurant


what happens when restaurant 1


what happens when restaurant 2


what happens when restaurant 3
Elle Kunnos de Voss of the Metrics


The Design Bar, Stockholm, Sweden

the design bar


the design bar 1


the design bar 2
Jens Fager


Truth Cafe, Cape Town, South Africa

truth cafe


truth cafe 1


truth cafe 2


truth cafe 3
Haldane Martin


The Jane Restaurant In A Renovated Church, Antwerp, Belgium

the jane restaurant


the jane restaurant 1


the jane restaurant 2


the jane restaurant 3
Piet Boon


Rocambolesc Cafe, Girona, Spain

rocambolesc cafe


rocambolesc cafe 1


rocambolesc cafe 2


rocambolesc cafe 3
Sandra Tarruella


Pakta Restaurant, Barcelona, Spain

pakta restaurant


pakta restaurant 1


pakta restaurant 2
El Equipo Creativo


Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

joben bistro


joben bistro 1


joben bistro 2


joben bistro 3
6 Sense


Electric Bar, Paris, France

electric bar


electric bar 1
Mathieu Lehanneur


Chocolate Bar, Opole, Poland

chocolate bar


chocolate bar 1


chocolate bar 2


Cafe Ki, Tokyo – Japan

cafe ki


cafe ki 1


cafe ki 2


Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai, India

blue frog lounge


blue frog lounge 1


blue frog lounge 2



Ozone Bar, Hong Kong, China

ozone bar


ozone bar 1


ozone bar 2


Logomo Cafè, Turku, Finland

logomo cafe


logomo cafe 1


logomo cafe 2
Tobias Rehberger


Le Pain Frances Restaurant, Gothenburg, Sweden

le pain frances restaurant


le pain frances restaurant 1


le pain frances restaurant 2


Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania

bicycle bar


bicycle bar 1


bicycle bar 2


bicycle bar 3
Open Space Design


Bangalore Express Restaurant, London, Great Britain

bangalore express restaurant


bangalore express restaurant 1


Auriga Restaurant, Mumbai, India

auriga restaurant


auriga restaurant 1


auriga restaurant 2


auriga restaurant 3
Sanjay Puri Architects


Ammo Restaurant, Hong Kong, China

ammo restaurant


ammo restaurant 1


ammo restaurant 2


ammo restaurant 3


ammo restaurant 4


ammo restaurant 5
Joyce Wang

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