15 Creative DIY Chandelier And Lamp Ideas You Will Love


Every single one of these cool lighting ideas has been hand made using every day objects and even garbage. Yes, you read that right… garbage! Check out the totally awesome TetraBox lamp. Who knew you could make something so cool out of something so boring and useless! The plastic bottle chandelier is just so pretty as well. You'd never believe what it is made from! So take a look at these 15 amazing DIY lamps and get some inspiration for your home.


Recycled TetraBox Lamp


Hanger Lights


Acrylic Gummy Bear Chandelier


Forest Room Chandeliers


Drum Chandelier


Steampunk Chandelier Made with Old Bike Parts


Hat Lamps


Paper Orb Lights



Grater Lights


Doily Lamp


Cloud Lamp


Pop Top Lampshade


Paper Starburst Pendant Light


Plastic Bottle Chandelier


Wine Bottle Chandelier

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