12 Truly Amazing Office Designs You Would Love To Work In


Offices can sometimes be a boring environment to work in. Quite often you'll find impersonal cubicles, harsh florescent lighting, strict dress codes and a tiny kitchen where there's never any clean coffee mugs. For a place where you spend a lot of time in, is it really a lot to ask for to have a fun and bright office to work in? Employees at the below 12 offices can include their office itself as being among one of their main work benefits. Check out these amazingly well-designed, well-appointed, colorful and unique office spaces! 


White Mountain Offices


Zynga Offices


Lego Offices


Urban Outfitters Offices


Nokia Offices


Facebook Offices



AirBnB Offices


Dropbox Offices


Pallotta Teamworks Offices


Inventionland Design Factory Offices


Google Offices


Selgas Cano Architecture Office Offices