12 Awful Mother-In-Laws That Might Put You Off Getting Married


It might usually be an unfair stereotype that mother-in-laws are horrible to their child’s spouse, but it obviously comes from a place of truth for a fair amount of people, because some mother-in-laws are just the worst! For anyone not yet married, it’s enough to make you hope that your future spouse is an orphan! From the mother-in-law who said her son could do better to the one who told her child on their wedding day that it wasn’t too late to pull out, there are some really nasty ones out there! Let’s hear about these twelve awful mother-in-laws that might put you off getting married!



It’s not anyone’s place to say this.


There’s giving your honest opinion and then there’s being mean.


As far as we’re aware, you can’t “steal” a willing person.


Now that’s just rude!


There’s so many bigoted things here, we don’t know where to start.


Sometimes you have to cut toxic people from your life.


This is not how you get in your new daughter-in-law’s good books.


What an absolutely terrible thing to say.


Sometimes you have to keep your mouth shut, even if you think you’re just being honest.


Wow. That is extremely hurtful.


How insensitive!


It’s never okay to make someone else’s weight your business.

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