17 Awesome Storage Ideas You Should Know


If you live in a small home, don’t have much designated storage space, or simply hate clutter, then you’ll love these 17 awesome storage hacks. It can be a challenge when you don’t have much room to store all of your belongings, but these simple solutions will turn things around for good. Before you know it your home will be clutter free, with everything in its right place. Do you have any more useful storage tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

These wall-mounted food dispensers are great if you have limited cupboard space.

Find them here.

Make upright storage by covering a pinboard in laminated fabric and attaching empty shampoo bottles.

Towel racks on the inside of cupboard doors can be used to hold pot lids.

Use an empty tissue box to store plastic grocery bags.

A pull-out chopping board is ideal if you don’t have much storage.

Alternatively, use your chopping board over your sink. This will also give you extra counter space.

Store measuring cups and spoons hung up on the inside of a cupboard door.

Use magnetic pots to store spices.

Or utilize a magnetic strip to organize your bobby pins.

A lazy Susan will maximize storage area in corner cupboards.

Try hanging your suitcases from the walls inside a walk-in closet.

PVC piping is just right to store hair styling appliances such as a hair dryer or straightening irons.

Use hanging clips to store open packets of dry goods.

Fake drawers are useless. Remove the draw front and turn the space into a kitchen roll holder.

Use crown molding as an attractive shoe rack.

Bungee cord attached to wooden boards can be used to store all kinds of items.

An above-sink drainer frees up counter space and can be used to store other kitchen items when not in use.

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