Human Key Holders

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You''ll never lose your keys again with these Human Key Holders mounted to the wall. These holders come in either His or Hers and with another key that''s used to attach your house keys. Simply attach your keys to the key provided, and insert the key into the male or female forms. Buy them individually or as a couple!

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  1. Amina Butt


  2. Pamela Kaeding

    Yep! Think we're getting these as anniversary presents to each other after yesterday's fiascal!!!

  3. Susan Bailey

    Love this idea!

  4. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  5. Guillaume Mathieu


  6. Hemo Alshaya


  7. Denise Deas Thomas

    For you freaks out there

  8. Susheel Badhan

    Am I the only one laughing? 😀

  9. Patrick Hankamer

    Shouldn't the male have a key instead of a keyhole?

  10. Ryan Ramirez

    Lol nice

  11. Christ Slimjimboyo Macdonlad


  12. Hussam Mahmoud El-Maghraby


  13. Ashley Gray


  14. Courtney Ray

    nope XD

  15. Iva Pesheva


  16. Chelsi K Bump

    This is pretty funny. I want this. Ha ha

  17. Renpen Nonya


  18. Renpen Nonya

    my style

  19. Stephanie D Jackson

    These key holders are featured in Mr & Mrs Smith

  20. Gabrielle Humphreys


  21. Klerry Steliou

    I have one of these especially for you! Birthday girl soon…inbox address please X

  22. Abraida Manuel

    needed one

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