12 Crazy Chair Designs So Awesome They Put Normal Chairs To Shame


We all know that feeling of sitting down and just not wanting to get up again, and that's just in a regular chair. If you had one of these 12 super cool and amazingly comfy chairs it would be even more of a challenge. The struggle is real! If you want to lounge in style, you really need to take a look at these designs. Let us know if you own any of these chairs in the comments section below!


This steampunk chair looks insanely awesome.


Such layers. Wow!


A lounger with attached sleeping bag? Sign us up!


The chair for anyone who has always thought chairs aren't angular enough.


Okay, so this one probably isn't that practical, but it looks ace!


This neat design is great for conversation.



This rad rocking chair is way more comfortable than it looks.


What am I up to? Oh, just hanging out…


Perfect for rocking, reclining and relaxing!


This chair looks a bit scary, but is actually great for sitting at a desk or table.


We're not entirely sure how this works, but it looks incredible!


Like being back in your crib.