18 Of The Most Awesome Beds You’ve Ever Seen

Depending on what you like to do with your days, you may or may not spend all that much time in bed, other than when you’re asleep. However, if you had one of these stunning beds, you’d never want to get out of it! Most people stick with a fairly traditional bed for their room, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace difference and go for something crazy. Any of these beds could be an impressive focal point for your room, that would really wow anyone who dares to enter. 

Sleeping in a tree house is probably the greatest thing ever.

This take on a classic four-poster bed is stunning.

This speaker-filled bed is a music lover’s dream.

Be the pearl in this oyster shell bed.

These rustic bunk beds are awesome.

Now you can rock yourself to sleep.

Make the most out of your space with this raised bed.

A bed surrounded by a swimming pool is a great idea, just not for sleepwalkers!

Check out this pumpkin carriage bed. Ideal for a little princess.

This ice bed is super cool. Literally.

Hide away in this secret bed.

Sleep under the stars, but still under a roof.

This Cadillac bed is perfect for a car lover.

The bungee rope bed is equal parts terrifying and awesome.

Be the captain of your own slumber ship.

This is the perfect bed for a book lover.

Any Batman fan would go nuts for this bed.

This barrel bed is fun and quirky.