Crazy Building Designs You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


There are certain things that you'd expect from a building, such as having straight walls that are perpendicular to the ground and a roof that's at the top, but these structures are breaking all of those rules! These rebels of the architecture world are so odd that at first glance you wouldn't believe them to be real, but we can assure you that they're out there! Would you like to live in a weird and wonderful home? Or do you have any ideas for an even stranger building? Feel free to comment and let us know!


This house in Terfens, Austria is upside down inside and out.


This leaning cafe in South Korea is ridiculously adorable.


It looks as though the facade of this building has slipped down, but it's actually a piece of artwork by Alex Chinneck.


This house installation is lodged in the top of a UC San Diego building.


This tilted home in South Korea looks strange, but it was designed with the purpose of getting more natural light into the home.


This unusual building is the new Business School at Sydney's University of Technology and was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.


These dancing houses in Prague, Czech Republic are another of Frank Gehry's creations.



These adorable cube homes can be found in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


The Crooked House is Wolverhampton's crooked pub.


Not to be outdone, Windsor has its very own Crooked House, as well.


The name of this Polish building translates to "crazy house" which is fitting!


This upside down church in Alberta, Canada is technically a sculpture, but is still worth a mention.


This building in Abu Dhabi holds the record for the furthest leaning manmade tower. 


This house looks like it has crashed into Vienna's modern art museum.