16 Images Showcasing Gorgeous Animal Jewelry You Will Want To Own

The great thing about jewelry is that it comes in so many different designs and styles. Some absolutely love diamond rings, whereas others prefer a pearl necklace. Here we present a style of jewelry for the animal lovers out there! After receiving some encouragement from his wife after working for 25 years at a retail store as a jeweler, Michael Tatom turned his passion into a business and launched the ‘Of Beasts And Beauty’ store. Michael’s pieces come in a range of materials, designs and styles, and here we have a selection of his best work. Take a look!
Website: Etsy

Baby fox ring.

Curious hedgehog/fox ring.

Dragon band.

Dragonfly ring.

Elephant pendant.

Forest cat ring.

Fox bracelet.

Rose gold fox head pendant.

Fox ring.

Hedgehog ring.

Lion ring.

Magpie pin/pendant.

Pangolin ring.

Silver magpie ring.

Sterling leaping puma ring.

Timber wolf with diamond eyes.