14 Strange Things That All Dog Owners Have Done


When you have your own dog, it's easy to become a little bit obsessed, and that's the way that we think it should be! So, sometimes you'll find yourself doing something slightly strange to or with your dog, whether that's trying to reason with them as though they were human or singing them a little song you've made up for them. There's no shame in it, and there's no point denying it, either! These are fourteen strange things that all dog owners have done. Check it out!


Winked back at your dog when they winked at you, so you feel like you're sharing some kind of secret.


Wondered what your dog would sound like if they had a human voice.


Congratulated your dog for going to the bathroom outside, even though they've been housebroken for years.


Held your pup's paw while you're just chilling out together.



Given your dog a silly nickname.


And then made up a song to sing them using that nickname.


Laid down on the floor and closed your eyes to see if your dog would help you in a medical emergency.


Petted your pup with your feet so you didn't have to move.



Given your dog a "new hairstyle" by folding their ears back onto their head.


Been slightly offended when your dog chose to sit next to someone other than you.



Talked to your dog as though they were human and could totally understand your logic.


Said "bless you" when you dog sneezed.


Used the front camera on your phone to show your dog what they look like.


Known at all times that your dog is actually the best one.

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