This Guy Made His Bathroom Floor Into An Awesome Starry Sky


If you’re a handy type of person and are looking for new ideas for your bathroom then Instructables user Baldr may have just the project for you. So long as you can grout and tile a floor, this job should be easy enough. It looks totally awesome. How many people do you know who have a starry night sky on their bathroom floor?

Website: instructables

It is a good idea to keep the light source outside the bathroom. Electricity and water don’t mix!

cables and tiles

Begin to lay the tiles where the fiber optic cables enter the bathroom.

cables between tiles

Under quite a dim light, lift the fiber optic cables from the bundle wherever you want the “stars” to be.

fiber lifting

The floor will begin to take shape quickly.

tiles lights

Job done! Time to switch off the light.

floor bathroom done

The end result is magical!

fiber optic floor finished

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