16 Awesome Upcycling Ideas For Your Home


Do you have any unwanted items lying around the house which have outlived their ‘intended’ use? If so, then perhaps you may want to think twice about throwing them out after you see what fantastic ideas we have found. With just a little time and effort you can turn those old pieces of bric-a-brac into fully functional new things! Take a look at these 16 amazing project ideas for some inspiration. Which one are you dying to try out in your home?



rustic pallet chandelier

This rustic pallet chandelier brings a touch of shabby chic to any room.


a balance bookshelf

The future of your books might hang in this balance!


penny floor

This painstakingly put together penny mosaic is a real talking point in any home.


diy wood pallet coffee table

Find a use for old pallets by cleaning them up, giving them a lick of paint and turning them into cool coffee tables.


ladder shelf

Simple yet effective, this ladder shelf brings charm to any room.


pallet garden chair and table

Why not turn painted pallets into cool garden furniture?


jack daniels soap dispenser

Every sink needs a glass bottle soap dispenser.


plumbers pipe bookshelves

Old pipes make an amazing focal point book shelf.


make lamps from old bottles

Another use for old bottles is turning them into funky lamps.


repurpose old cutlery

Repurpose an old ladle by affixing it to a piece of wood, painting it and then using it as a candle holder.


repurpose mason jars

Give your old mason jars an ethereal quality by lighting them up.


gumball machine fish tank

Possibly the coolest item ever! This old gumball machine has been converted into a fish tank.



Matchbox car mirror

Have your kids outgrown their toy cars but just cannot bear to part with them? Try this amazing mirror idea. Just fix them to a plain mirror surround and spray paint the color of your choice!


framed teddy

Keep Teddy safe and sound forever with this cute idea.


pallet swing bed

Another fun use for old pallets.


suitcase medicine cabinet

How about using a quaint old suitcase as a cool and retro medicine cabinet? Just what the doctor ordered!