Audacious Workers Who Laughed At the Face of Danger At Work

If you work in a lifeless office environment and you think your job sucks, think again. You may change the way you look at your job when you see these daring workers. While you’re complaining about your boring job, some workers are putting their lives on the line for their work. But sometimes, some people are going too adventurous with their risky jobs. When people are exposed to danger on a daily basis, they tend to get the gist of it. Thus, they eventually adapt themselves to the danger and even become reckless sometimes. Well, they are skillful to perform dangerous works after all. But employees should always observe safety in the workplace. For the sake of laughs, here are photos of audacious workers who dared to challenge danger.



If there are no proper stand platforms available, learn to improvise.

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Cleanliness and maintenance of vehicles are of utmost importance. But we’re crossing our fingers that the strap holding the truck is sturdy enough.

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Safety signs should always be posted in any construction site. But who reads them anyway?

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This delivery-woman is so dedicated to her job that she makes sure you’ll receive your package by all means. Though we can’t say the same to her parking skills.

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Can you spot one daring window washer with no safety gears or whatsoever to keep him from falling down? We hope he can hold on to that window frame as firm as he could.

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There are probably safer spots where you can enjoy your cigarette, right? Anywhere far from that thing.

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What dress code are you talking about? When the weather is hot, I need to take off my clothes.


Do you still think your job is exhausting and tiring? These audacious workers are laughing in the face of danger all the time. And they don’t seem to mind at all.



Whatever happens, don’t lose your balance.

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If one forklift isn’t enough to reach that height, another forklift comes to the rescue.

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You need to be extra careful when handling drill machines. Make sure you’re standing on a reliable platform and you’re wearing protective gears. Most of all, don’t be like this worker below.

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I wouldn’t get near behind this truck with no back hatch because something tells me that’s not a good idea.

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Helpful co-workers are willing to lend a hand for their colleagues. In this case, he is willing to lend a back for others.

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When your life depends on safety traps and a little bit of luck.

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Will you rely on a plywood to bear that heavy burden for you? We don’t think so. But this worker has unyielding faith to it.

audacious workers laughing at the face of danger
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No one would ever dare dive into a crusher machine because… well… it’s a crusher machine!

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