15 Hilarious ‘Beware of the Dog’ Signs That Will Make You Laugh

The ‘beware of the dog’ sign has become the traditional way to let the world know that a dog is living in your house. Of course, it necessarily means that people entering or coming near the house should be cautious for a possible canine attack. Over the years, the sign has served as a danger warning to scare away intruders and alert the visitors.


However, some dog-owners attempt to give this trite warning sign a different approach. We have gathered the funniest ‘beware of the dog’ signs that will strike laughter, not fear, into your hearts. Take a look.


If you can run at the speed of light then you’ll have a great chance of survival.

This doesn’t look good.

The owner of the house actually bites.

I’m sorry, my dog is just so hungry.

My neighbor’s dog looks weird.

There’s no need for a warning. We won’t attempt to go near that thing, ever.

Close enough, right?

Stay away from sarcasm.

Your dog has grown so humongous!

You also need to worry about the cat.


JusDoodlin / Etsy

How could you resist such cuteness?

A sign that a dog lives harmoniously with its owners.

The dog is on leave. I’m the substitute for the time being.

How can a dog possibly fit in there?

There’s the bad dog! Wait, he doesn’t look that bad at all!