These Are The Secret Ways That Dogs Say ‘I Love You’


One of the sad facts of life is that dogs can't talk to us in words, but that doesn't mean that they don't communicate with us, or attempt to. If you have a close bond with your dog, you probably know when he's telling you certain things, like he's happy, or not feeling well, or hungry, or wants to play. But, there are plenty of things that your dog's trying to tell you all the time, which you may not realize unless you know all about canine body language. One of those things that your dog is sometimes trying to say is 'I love you'. Maya Borenstein over at 'Little Things' created these illustrations to go with an article on the ways that your dog tells you they love you. So, let's find out what signs to look out for from your pup! Take a look!
Website: Little Things


Yawning just after you've yawned.

Little Things


Bringing you their favorite toy to play with.

Little Things


Looking straight into your eyes.

Little Things


Sleeping in your room with you.

Little Things



Watching you calmly as you leave.

Little Things


And greeting you with excitement when you return!

Little Things


Leaning up against you or putting their weight on you.

Little Things


These are just some of the ways that our furry friends show us that they love us. Just be sure to return their love with kindness and patience!

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