wooden pallets furniture

24 Cheap And Creative DIY Furniture Ideas Using Old Wooden Pallets


Old pallets are easy to come by, often for very little or no cost. Get creative and think 'outside the box' and you will be surprised by the number of different ways by which you can transform old pallets into something special for your home! Check out the below 24 ideas for awesome DIY furniture pieces that can be made out of old pallets.


DIY Pallet Planter


Lights Pallet Bed





Pallet Staircase


Pallet Chandelier


Pallet Honeycomb Mirror


Pallet Bookshelf & Bike Rack


Pallet Reading Nook


Shipping Pallet Daybeds


Pallet Outdoor Lounger


Pallet Sofa With Storage


Pallet Sofa


Pallet Computer Desk


Pallet Coffee Table





Rolling Outdoor Table


Recycled Wood Dining Table



Red Pallet Coffee Table


Pallet Sofa


Flatscreen Backdrop


Artful Coffee Table


Off-grid Cabin


End Table


Breakfast in Bed Tray


Retro Coffee Table


Garden Work Bench


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