Although everybody is different and has had a unique set of experiences in life, human beings are similar in a lot of ways. We all have things that we do that we never talk about and would never admit to, but some of them are more common than you might think. Like that fake laugh that we do when we have absolutely no clue what somebody just said to us, or, when you accidentally start obsessing over something embarrassing you did years ago. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry, you’re not alone! The folks at ‘9GAG’ have put together this awesome list of 25 things everyone does but nobody talks about. Take a look and see if you relate!

1. Why do our brains feel the need to put us through this?

2. You know you’ve done nothing wrong but you can’t help feeling like you’re being watched! 


act natural youre innocent


3. Everyone calculates how much sleep they’re going to get, right?

4. A little bit of paper isn’t going to kill you… 

5. When in doubt, laugh it out… 

6. Those moments when you just cant concentrate! 

7. Some people are just so rude!

8. It’s even worse when you’ve only got one hand to work with because you’re holding all of your items! 

9. The universal lie we all tell… 

10. When you’re forced to stare at your own reflection for a prolonged period of time… 

11. That kid has nailed the ‘look’! 

12. And, you make a promise to appreciate it in the future… 

13. The half smile…


the face you make when you walk past someone you know


14. Interviews and behind the scenes videos of the scary movie work well also. 

15. We prefer to pretend we’re in a film but each to their own! 

16. Must. Not. Sit. Still. 

17. Music can make you so damn emotional! 

18. Like, really? GIVE ME SHIPPING FOR FREE! 

19. This makes us feel old… 

20. Or, give it to the dog! 

21. We’ve all done this… 

22. We never know how long is the right amount of time to ‘consider purchasing’ before we walk off… 

23. The body can’t be so easily fooled, sadly. 

24. You feel so betrayed… 

25. You’ve got to at least pretend you will go or you’ll stop getting invited to things in the future! 

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