Creepy Things In Disney Movies That Used To Scare Us As Kids

Many of you reading this will have grown up adoring Disney movies. There we so many classics to choose from and the characters really stole our hearts. However, as children, most of us found certain things in the films super scary that don’t bother us at all now that we’re adults! Here we have a list of creepy things in Disney movies that we were afraid of as kids. So many of these bring back nostalgic memories! Take a look and see if you shared these same fears…
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We cried every single time we saw this scene! 

Well, who wants a beast having a go at them? Not us! 

Yes! This one definitely made us scared of trees for a while. 

There’s something not right about an adorable baby elephant being drunk…

The backing music made things so much creepier! 

Where is the ball going? What does it lead to? BEWARE OF THE BALL! 

We agree. ‘James and the Giant Peach’ was definitely one of the scarier movies in our opinion. 

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This was pretty intense!

This was scary because it showed you there are some really bad people in the world. 

Those cats radiated evil! 

We imagine many children were afraid of their toys for a while after this! 

This was pretty heavy for a kid’s movie! 

‘Those poor unfortunate souls, in pain, in need…’

There was a whole lot of weird in this scene!