Microwave Mug Snacks

15 Microwavable Snacks In A Mug You Will Absolutely Love


Cooking and baking, especially when it's for one, can often feel too much trouble than it's worth. All those dishes to do! Leftover ingredients that end up getting wasted! So why not try cooking in a mug? It's practical and easy, basically pure genius. Check out these 15 snacks in a mug that you can microwave below!

Sticky Date Pudding in a mug. Instructions here.


Chocolate and caramel mug cake. Make this in just two minutes. Instructions here.





This strawberry pie can be made in the microwave or the oven. Instructions here.


Cookie in a mug. Get the recipe here.


Chocolate fudge s'mores mug cake. Instructions here.


Nutella mug cake. Instructions here.


Chocolate peanut butter mug cake. Instructions here.


Mac and cheese in a mug. |nstructions here.





Banana bread in a mug. Instructions here.



Coffee cup coffee cake. Find the instructions here.


Cinnamon roll in a cup. Instructions here.


"Baked" oatmeal in a mug. Instructions here.


French toast in a cup. Find the instructions here.


Instant blueberry muffins, in a mug. instructions here.


Coffee cup quiche. Instructions here.

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