DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions

10 DIY Jewelry Storage Solutions That You’ll Love


Don't you just hate it, when you delve into your overflowing jewelry box only to find a bunch of necklaces all tangled together in a big, seemingly-impenetrable, knot? Or, when you simply cannot, for the life of you, locate your favorite pair of earrings amongst the masses you don't feel like wearing? This always seems to happen on those occasions when you're pushed for time already. It can really stress you out! Avoid any jewelry-related meltdowns, and test out your DIY skills, with these simple but effective jewelry storage solutions! Take a look and get inspired!


Make use of an old window frame…


…Or, a rack from an old fridge!





Get creative with tea cups.



You could even use a cutlery drawer!


A simple plastic drink bottle can make a cool holder!

A branch with some nails in, can be great for holding necklaces.





This awesome antler creation is stylish!


A jewelry tree is useful, with plenty of room to hang knecklaces off!


Dream catchers don't need to be limited to dreams!


So simple, yet very effective.

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