This ‘Your Farm’ Toy Shows The Ugly Truth Of Factory Farming


The people over at 'Compassion in World Farming' have created this farm toy which is a world away from any farm toys you have seen before. To highlight the truth behind 'factory farming' the animal welfare charity has released this very honest toy which illustrates what really happens behind barn doors. It's estimated that 50 billion animals are processed annually in these factory farms, where animals are kept in cramped conditions and fed large doses of antibiotics. Thankfully, you can release your toy farm animals and allow them to graze in the 'fields' which is something real factory farmed animals will never be allowed to do. Head on over to the Your Farm website to support their global movement against factory farming. For every 2,000 people who sign up, a toy farm animal will be released from its cage and sent directly to a global influencer.  
Website: YourFarm






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