Photographer Nathan Nowack Decided To Track Down His Birth Family With Lovely Results


Even the most content of adopted children will usually at some point or another give their birth family and where they came from some thought. Some it does not bother at all, and others feel the need to search for something missing. Photographer Nathan Nowack falls in to the latter category of people. Having been adopted in 1976 from South Korea to a lovely family in Oklahoma, recently in the last year decided to find his biological family. Sadly, Nathan discovered his birth parents had passed away, but some of that pain was eased by the realization he had 6 siblings all wondering where he was. Nathan's youngest sibling, a sister, flew to LA to meet him as it was his mother's last wish to find him. We love a story with a happy ending, and it just goes to show that following your heart is always a great thing to do! Take a look at some awesome family photos below. 
Website: NathanNowack