See How Yolandi Jacobsz Transformed Herself Into 15 Iconic Women


Gauteng, South Africa-based photographer Yolandi Jacobz has photographed herself as 15 different and iconic women from throughout recent history. These women are not just film stars or models, they are women such as Dian Fossey and Frida Kahlo, individuals who led amazing lives and who are remembered for that.


The project began completely by accident. Jacobsz was planning a holiday to America and when her visa was delayed, had to cancel her trip. As Fujifilm South Africa had provided her with a good camera to document her trip, she had to find something else to do with it. She thought about the famous women who have been important to her life and thus, the project was born! Jacobsz took care of hair, make up and styling herself and even took the photos entirely by herself too. Check out her awesome photos below.

Website: YolandiJacobsz


Yolandi Jacobsz


Audrey Hepburn


Miriam Makeba




80’s Madonna


Dame Margot Fonteyn


Cindy Crawford



Cho Cho San – From Puccini’s Opera Madama Butterfly


Nana Mouskouri


Tretchikoff’s Blue Lady


Edith Piaf


Dian Fossey


Janis Joplin


Frida Kahlo


Amy Winehouse


Whoopi Goldberg

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