18 of the Coolest Pillow Designs You Wish You Owned


There's nothing better than sinking your weary head down into a nice, comfy pillow. But have you noticed how plain most pillows are? Generally, they all look the same, pillow-sized, pillow-shaped… boring! Well, if you've ever thought of spicing up your life as far as pillows are concerned then look no further than this post. Here, we've gathered a collection of 18 of the most creative pillow designs out there. Enjoy!

'Please leave before I wake up' hilarious pillowcase. 


Cool camera lens pillows. 


'Boyfriend' companion arm pillow.


Find it here.


Awesome boom box pillow.

Find a similar one here.


Sleeping cat pillow.


Pancake floor pillows.


Glow in the dark moon pillow.


His & hers cat nap pillow cases.

Find them here.


Mountain pillows.


His and hers half side of the bed pillows.

Find them here.


Pool of blood pillow!

Find a similar one here.


Giant cloud pillow.


The Moonlight pillow.

Find it here.


Pillow for those who sleep on their stomach.

Find it here.



Convertible body pillow.


Ostrich head pillow.

Find it here.


Giant Moon floor pillow.


Rock Pillows.

Find them here.



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