14 Awesome Works Of Art Made Entirely From Stones That Will Leave You Impressed

To many people, stones are pretty mundane objects. You might occasionally stumble across one that resembles something else and find it interesting, but aside from that they aren’t found overly exiting. But, one person who sees much more in stones than the average person is Stefano Furlani. Growing up in Fano, Italy, Stefano enjoyed researching stones and seeing what resemblance to other objects he could find in them. He passed the tradition on to his 3 year old son and together they create the most awesome works of stone art! Take a look!
Website: SassiD’Autore

The stone body of this cat is the perfect shape!

Aww, a cute family moment captured!

We can’t get over how great these pieces are!

We imagine a lot of people will be interested in trying this kind of art after seeing these images!

Even the simplest pieces are still obvious as to what they are.

Elephant lovers will adore this!

What a cute, little guy!

This one has to be our favorite!

We can’t wait to try this out…

…though we’ll never be as good as Stefano and his son!

So similar to the original ‘The Scream’!

It must be a great moment when Stefano is waiting for a particularly shaped stone and he finds it!


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