25 People Share Photos Of “Working Cats” And They’re Hilarious

To debunk the misconception that cats are lazy animals, people are sharing photos of working cats to show how hardworking these furry felines are. There’s a lot of stereotypes about cats which have given them a bad rap. Felines only care about themselves, they are lazy, cold and unfeeling. These are only few of the negative stereotypes about them which simply aren’t true.

Although typically independent, this doesn’t mean that they only care about themselves. Just like dogs, domesticated felines are also capable of forming companionship with humans. And when they do, they develop a strong bond of friendship with their humans, along with their unconditional love and loyalty. There have been several instances where domestic cats have risked their lives to save their owners. Felines being labeled as lazy is another false impression. Before domestication, wild felines used to work hard on their own to survive. They hunt their own food and they fend off their predators.


Working Cats Who Take Their Jobs Seriously

Since domestication, cats mostly relied on humans for food and protection. They don’t hunt their prey anymore and they don’t have to worry about predators as they are securely confined indoors. This comfortable lifestyle left them with nothing else to do. So, they tend to spend most of their times just lazing around. But then again, this doesn’t mean they are naturally lazy. If given the chance, felines would rather work hard and appease their wild side. If you’re still not convinced, let these cats prove to you that they’re hardworking too.


“The Incredible Nursing Cat”


“You Come At The King, You Best Not Miss”


“My Tow Truck Driver Has A Cat Named Dixie With A Matching Safety Vest”

Just like dogs, cats also make good therapy pets. As reliable mousers, some store owners often employ bodega cats to keep pesky rodents at bay, in exchange for some treats and permanent shelter. So you see, if given the opportunity, they can be the most diligent workers you can ever have. Just take a look at these industrious working cats who all deserve the Best Employee Award.


“I Was Once A Kitty In A Shelter & Now I’m A Cop. Chase Your Dreams. Signed, Pawfficer Donut”


Need An Assistant With A Cat Scan


“The Best Way To Advertise Your Garage Sale Nearby”


Security Guard


“Hardware Store Cat Is Skeptical Of Your Purchase”


“Dedicated Cockroach Manager”



“Store Security”


“Meowtain Rescue, Standing By”


“A Cat Wearing An Orange Hard Hat”


“Tama Was A Female Calico Cat Who Gained Fame For Being A Station Master And Operating Officer At Kishi Station On The Kishigawa Line In Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan”


“Hennessy Is Always My Liquor Store’s Employee Of The Month”


“Local Ace Has Greeter Pirate Kitty Named Ace— He Loves Grooming Customers”


“Therapy Cat On Patrol In The Nursing Home”


“The Doctor Will See You Meow”


“He’s On His Break. He Greets People At The Drive Thru.”


“Oscar The Truck Repair Cat Offering To Help Us Out With Our Paperwork”


“Oscar The Police Station Cat”


“This Cat Is The Manager At A Local Pet Store”