11 Beautiful Bookends That You’ll Want To Own


Bookends are one of those useful things that you never really think about until you need them. A lot of bookends are simply functional, and that’s just fine. But, the more discerning customer might prefer to have something more decorative that looks good in their home and says something about who they are or what they like. Design Atelier Article creates gorgeous bookends handcrafted out of metal and featuring book characters, animals, and more! Take a look at these eleven beautiful bookends you’ll want to own!



This would be a gorgeous set of bookends for a ballet fan.


Who doesn’t love a good sloth?!


These bookends would be perfect in a kid’s room or just for anyone who loves space.


We love this simple and elegant design.


For anyone who loves The Little Prince.


We know there are plenty of cat-lovers who’d adore these.


Calling all Doctor Who fans!


This book ends could contain all your Star Wars comics and novels.


You can’t go wrong with The Moomins.


These bookends look really classy!


Alice in Wonderland fans would love this set of bookends!

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