What Cats Would Say If They Could Speak


If you've ever had a cat you'll know that, while they're great, they're not necessarily the most consistently loving and affectionate of creatures. In fact, much of the time they seem to regard you with at least some level of disdain. The people behind funny illustration website 'Lingvistov' have created this series of drawings showing what they think cats would be likely to say if they could speak. If you like these illustrations, we've featured another cat-related piece from 'Lingvistov' here on Awesome Inventions, letting you know about the ten benefits of having a cat. We really love their work, which is sharp, funny and well-illustrated. Whether or not you live with a cat, we think you'll relate!

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If you have a feline friend, what do you think your cat would say to you if they got the chance? Let us know in the comment section below.

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