19 Famous Last Words That Were Said By Well-Known People

The last words ever spoken by someone can give you a glimpse into their character and personality, as well as the circumstances in which they died. The following list was compiled by ‘Imgur’ account holder ‘howsthepeeping’. From Bob Marley to Leonardo Da Vinci, all sorts of famous people from throughout history are included. Take a look!

Jimi Hendrix wrote a poem found at his deathbed. This was the last sentence in the poem.

Bob Marley

Jack Daniel

Leonardo Da Vinci

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Charlie Chaplin

Salvador Dali

Leonard Nimoy’s final public words, sent as a ‘tweet.

Thomas Hobbes


Anton Chekhov

George Harrison

T.S. Eliot was only able to whisper one word as he died. The name of his wife, Valerie.

Alfred Hitchcock

Joe Dimaggio talking about his former wife, Marilyn Monroe.

Ernest Hemingway said this to his wife prior to committing suicide.


Kurt Cobain quoted Neil Young lyrics when he wrote this in his suicide note.

Groucho Marx

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