11 Weird Facts About Pregnancy That You Might Not Know


When you think about it, pregnancy is an amazing thing. One human grows another human inside them… it’s wonderful! However, there are also some kind of strange things about pregnancy, some of which are kind of gross and others that are just a bit unusual. If you’re a little bit squeamish you might want to navigate away and go look at some puppies or something, because this could definitely put you off the idea of ever procreating. Here are eleven weird facts about pregnancy that you might not know, brought to you by First Smile. Check them out!

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That’s quite a stretch!


Fingers crossed you’re not one of the unlucky few!


Some experts believe eating a wide range of foods when pregnant will make your child a less fussy eater.


We wonder why this is…


This could become inconvenient!


We know your feet can swell when pregnant, but we had no idea how much!


This is kind of sad.


How unusual!


We could have gone our whole lives without knowing this.


There’s not all that much to see, though!


Now that’s unpleasant!

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