10 Of The Healthiest Foods On The Planet


After a period of indulgence (such as Thanksgiving followed swiftly by Christmas) most of us feel like we want to pick up healthier eating habits and look after our bodies. Some people start on a weight-loss plan, but these kinds of diets rarely last long and often end in a giant junk food binge. For anyone wanting to learn some healthier eating habits, the key is to simply add more healthy foods into your diet and cut out some of the less healthy ones, or eat them in moderation. If you want to know what some of the healthiest foods around are, you need to check out this infographic from 'Plyvine Catering'. The company has listed what, in its opinion, are the 10 healthiest foods on the planet, as well as explaining a little bit about the nutritional benefits of each one. So, if you want to feel great, try eating more of these foods. Your body will thank you!
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John Brown

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