15 Times The Women Of “Harry Potter” Were The True Heroes


Although, of course, Harry is the titular character, one of the great things about the Harry Potter series is that there's an abundance of strong females in the books and movies. And, often, they're the ones that are the bravest and wisest while the boys are having petty fallings out. So, in honor of all the amazing girls and women in Harry Potter, we've collected an awesome selection of their quotes. Check out these fifteen times when the women of Harry Potter were the true heroes!


When Tonks proved that you don't have to be boring to be successful.


When Hermione showed that she was in it until the end.


When Narcissa was protective of her boy.



When Luna proved that sanity is relative.


When McGonagall helped Peeves mess with Umbridge.


When Ginny believed that you can do anything if you're brave enough.


When McGonagall decided that fear of a name isn't going to get you anywhere.



When Molly would have done anything to protect her daughter.


When McGonagall laid this sick burn on Umbridge.


When Luna taught us a little something about loss.



When Hermione laid bare the innate prejudice against women that still exists, even in the wizarding world.


When Ginny proved that she is in charge of her own decisions.


When Fleur taught us that what's on the inside is more important.


When Hermione was wise beyond her years.


And when she showed us that you can be studious and badass!

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