This Girl’s VW Camper Bed Will Make You Green With Envy


When this father's little girl outgrew her cot bed and was ready for her first "big girl bed" he wasn't satisfied with getting her any old boring bed from the store. Instead he set to working crafting her the most awesome VW camper van bed we've ever seen. Seriously. This thing is beyond amazing. In fact, it's so cool that we'd do almost anything to get one for ourselves. Forget being a grownup, this camper bed is where it's at! Let's take a look at how this lucky girl's dad made it.

Website: The Treehouser


First he went on Craiglist and managed to pick up these genuine vintage VW parts for free.


Next he found an old bunk bed frame and set to work.


He needed the frame to be taller, so he added some extra wood to the bottom to raise it.


Then built some additional wooden framework to create the shape of the camper van.


The genuine VW bumper needed to be mounted and added to the bed, to give it that authentic look.


Plywood was used to created the sides of the camper.


He sawed into it to create windows and also made some doors to allow access to the bottom part of the bed.


He added the hubcaps to the bed's wheels. Looking good!


With the structure finished, it was time to start on the paint job.


Here you can see it painted up like a traditional split screen VW camper and really starting to take shape.


But, it still needed working headlights, of course!


The interior needed work, as well. Check out this awesome dash.


The bed's up top, so the bottom part of the camper is for chilling out and playing. It even has an optional hammock! 



A little bit more work on the interior. The patchwork walls look incredible.


And, it's done. What a lucky little girl!


This bed is truly fantastic. Any kid would be lucky to have it in their room. We love the fact that it has a downstairs play area. It's just too cool!