Vintage Photos That Will Freak You Out

Some of us like the sweet, cute and fluffy things in life, whereas others prefer the creepy or strange. If you’re looking for the sort of photos that will give you nightmares for weeks, then you’re certainly in the right place. We’ve got some vintage photos for you here, that range from the mildly creepy to the downright terrifying! They’re freaky enough to give us shivers, anyway. Anyone who wants their fix of spooky images needs to check out these thirteen vintage photos! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

French Neurologist, Guillaume Duchenne using electrical probes to investigate facial expressions, which he believed to be divine.

This photo, taken in 1910, depicts a Native American man of the ‘Kwakwaka’wakw people’ in the Pacific Northwest, smoke curing a corpse as part of initiation into a secret society.

A Disney gas mask from 1942, designed to be less scary for kids.

A woman receives a ‘treatment’ in a Victorian mental hospital. Back then, it was thought that mental illness was caused by possessing spirits, and by making the environment uncomfortable (in other words: torturing the patient), the evil spirit might be induced to leave.

It’s weird to think of Hitler having any sort of life when he wasn’t being a fascist dictator and attempting to exterminate an entire race of people, but here he is being the best man at a wedding.

That’s clearly not a baby’s skull, but even so… is this woman posing with her dead child?

Medical students, from 1901, pose with a cadaver.

The weird bust, that child’s concerned face, what’s not wrong about this photo?

Wanting people to ‘keep calm and carry on’ during the Blitz on London, this photo of a milkman delivering was staged to show citizens it was business as usual.

The headquarters of the ‘Fascist Party’ in Milan, Italy under Mussolini’s rule.

Props left over from horror plays put on at ‘Théâtre du Grand-Guignol’, in Paris.

Munich, Germany, 1938, the new SS officers are initiated into this Nazi paramilitary organization. 

In a highly inappropriate move, two men playfight with bones from a mass grave in Cuba, circa 1900.

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