You Need To See These Unusual Hotels From Around The World


If you're someone who enjoys staying in hotels regularly, you'll notice that after a while, the excitement wears off. So many modern places are faceless and virtually identical, it's just not as fun as it once was. So if you're tired of the same old thing, these hotels will make you want to travel again and again. From staying in a coffin-bed for the night or sleeping in a gypsy wagon to staying in the very pink Madonna Inn, there's something here for everyone!


Teepee Valley Campsite, County Armagh, Northern Ireland




Railholiday, St. Ives Bay, England




Madonna Inn, California, USA




The Beermoth, Inverness-shire, Scotland





No Man's Fort, Solent, UK




Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany




Kumbuk River Resort Hotel, Buttala, Sri Lanka



Gypsy Caravan, Helston, UK


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