14 Tweets Showing The Hilarious Conversations Between A Dad And His 4 Daughters You Will Love – Part 1

Being a parent is often full of weird and wonderful experiences and surprises. Someone who knows this all too well is Indianapolis based blogger and father James Breakwell. James has 4 daughters all under the age of six. He has amassed almost 700k Twitter followers by sharing his hilarious daily conversations with his girls to the rest of the world. We love how honest, unexpected and amusing James’ tweets are. Take a look and you’ll see exactly what we mean!
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Bless her!


Clever girl!

Brutal! R.I.P squirrel.

Getting paid in celery would be pretty terrible…

Go Elsa! Girl power…

Interesting logic…

She has a point!

Haha…*cough cough*…

Fantastic answer!

We would have loved to see the teacher’s facial expression when they heard this!

Good try, dad!

This is hilarious!

Like father, like daughter!


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