Hilarious Tweets That Married People Will Relate To – Part 2


Tying the knot and living your life with that special someone is awesome. But, just because you’ve got a great life with someone, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect, because nothing ever is. The trick is to love those little quirks of your partner’s, even when they’re kind of pissing you off. And to find humor in your marriage, too! If you’ve already looked at the first half of this post, you’ll know what we mean! Here are another eleven hilarious tweets that married people will relate to. Check them out!



This is why you should always write a list!


Sometimes you have to search for compliments where you can find them.


When you don’t realize the value of something until it’s not there.


That awkward moment when you’re being too childish to defend that accusation of being too childish.


Well, he did do something…


Pizza is always > fitness.


There are some things you only ever do when your spouse isn’t home.


You need tricks like this to keep from making the hard decisions.


Marriage is about knowing your partner will change over the years and trying to get on board.


Oh, man… I was just going to do that….


What being hitched is secretly all about.

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