11 Things That Really Suck About Using Public Transport

While it’s handy for getting many of us to work and back in decent time, public transport sure can be a nightmare. Delayed trains are bad enough, but when a stinky person sits next to you… well, it’s enough to make you wish you’d braved the traffic and taken the car into work! Here are 11 things that suck the most about traveling on public transport. Take a look!

When you forget to hold on to the hand rails… and live to regret it!

When the people on the bus refuse to move their bags so you can sit down.

When you see people who should really get a room!

When the bus flies past you, too full to stop!

When the person next to you won’t stop talking on their phone, really loud.

When someone feels the need to eat a jar of mayo by itself!

When someone eats (or in this case chops?) smelly food.

When the person next to you seems to be coughing up a lung.

When the person behind you is sneakily trying to read your phone!

When your bus or train is running behind, or ahead, of schedule!

When people try and bring stuff onboard that is way too big for the bus!

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