14 Hilarious Times Things Didn’t Live Up To Expectations


Social media has been able to introduce a flood of inspiring DIY-type possibilities, as people from all over the globe post the most amazing photographs of the cool things that they've created. Social media has also given us the opportunity to post pictures of our 'epic fails' at re-creating any homemade goods. Just so the whole world can laugh with us about it, or is that laugh 'at' us? Well, either way, when things don't live up to your expectations, it can be pretty funny. For everyone else, that is! Take a look at these 14 hilarious times when things didn't quite go as planned!


This toast didn't quite turn out how it was planned.


This super convincing snowman!


This pizza is disappointing.


Congrats, indeed!



This absolute disaster…


Tattoos are permanent, people! Be careful!


This 'supermodel', who's obviously a complete babe…


The desperate attempt to get cute baby photos, and what it's really like!



This funny-looking dog!


This failed attempt at recreating the book cover is hilarious!



This 'Tinkerbell' pancake doesn't look too appetizing.


This blast of reality…


This hilarious attempt!


This ice cream looks terribly sad.